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Great news! We have just added Leicestershire to our service area.

We provide specialised drying and damp services to home and business owners, builders and plumbers. Our fully insured and industry-trained staff will help to guide you through the process of putting your property back into shape after a flood or water leak.

We are experienced in dealing with insurance claims, helping you, with what can be a convoluted and difficult process.

Do I need to dry my property after a water leak or flood?

If you have suffered a water leak or flood, your property will need to be dried correctly. When the building fabric and structure become saturated, moisture can migrate to other areas of the property causing damage to the surface finishes and decoration, or in a worst-case scenario actual structural damage.

Will insurance pay for the drying of my property after a water leak or flood?

The majority of water leak and flood damage will be covered by most buildings insurance policies. We work closely with all the major insurance companies and loss adjusters. We are used to working within the insurance claim structure and our BDMA qualified staff can complete drying operations and issue a drying certificate when drying is complete.

What could happen if I do not dry my property after a water leak or flood?

Moisture that is left in place after a flood or leak can promote the growth of mould resulting in a potential health risk for those vulnerable to respiratory problems.